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Basic Appraisal

Basic Appraisal

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Product Description

The Basic Appraisal is a basic valuation of a domain name through the analysis of 15 different factors. It comes with an appraisal certificate and is most useful for buying or selling lower-value domain names.

The Basic Appraisal utilizes the same methodology as the more advanced appraisals, but takes into consideration less factors and does not contain a detailed assessment report describing the factors used to determine the value.

Our methodology is the approach we have developed for analyzing the different attributes of a domain name by examining it from a variety of angles providing insight into the different uses and applications of the domain name. Our methodology coupled with our appraisers' industry knowledge and understanding is what makes our appraisals the most accurate.

We guarantee the Basic Appraisal for the following situations: If you are selling your domain name we guarantee that it will sell within 12% of the appraised value, or if being used for tax purposes we guarantee that it will be accepted by the IRS.


Product Features

Appraisal certificate (PDF)
An appraisal certificate using the Portable Document Format (PDF) is delivered via email. It can be downloaded or viewed on-line with a browser equipped with Adobe Reader.
15-factor analysis
The 15-factor analysis is a thorough examination of the different attributes that affect the value of a domain name. The factor are used in conjunction with current market conditions to determine an accurate value.
Automation-free appraisal process
Each appraisal is performed without the aid of any type of automated valuation software or scripts. Analysis of the different factors along with the determination of value is performed by actual industry experts.
One industry-expert appraiser
One industry expert performs the analysis of the factors and the determination of the domain name's current market value.
Completed in 4 Days
The appraisal will be completed within 4 business days.


  • Better Business Bureau Accredited

    The Better Business Bureau sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business practices. is BBB accredited.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our appraisals. The appraisal guarantee provided is applicable for the purpose of selling a domain name or for use with the IRS.

  • 128-bit SSL Certificate

    An SSL certificate is an internet protocol designed to provide secure communications over the internet. It protects your payment and personal information with 128-bit encryption.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Basic Appraisal accurate?
Yes, the Basic Appraisal is accurate. Although it does not take into consideration as many factors as our more advanced appraisals, it is still an accurate representation of the current market value of a domain name.
Can the Basic Appraisal be used for high value domains?
Yes, although the Basic Appraisal it recommended for lower value domain names because of the limited amount of factors analyzed, it can still be used to get a current market value for high value domain names.
Does the appraisal certificate contain any information other than the value?
No, the Basic Appraisal certificate is simply a certificate of value. It contains a market low value and high value for the domain name. There is no supporting information about the factors analyzed or comparable sales.
How long is the appraisal guarantee valid for?
The guarantee is valid for up to 40 days after the appraisal has been completed. The time period begins from the completion date stated on the appraisal certificate.
How long is the link to my appraisal valid?
The appraisal link will stay active indefinitely. You are able to view your appraisal anytime using the provided link.

“These guys did a great job on appraising a domain for my firm. Fast, accurate, on time, and on budget! Use them.”

- Marc Ostrofsky, Seller of for World Record $7.5 Million

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