100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the accuracy of our domain name appraisal so much that we offer a complete money back guarantee. If your domain does not sell within 12% percent of our appraised value we will refund you the cost of your appraisal.

How To Qualify For The Guarantee:

  • 1. The sale of the domain must be within 40 days of the domain appraisal date.
  • 2. must be contacted within 14 days of the actual sale of the domain.
  • 3. You must provide sufficient proof of the sale, which is deemed to be acceptable by (DnDynamics, LLC.), such as a copy of the sales agreement. (All information given to us about the sale will be kept strictly confidential.)
  • 4. No consideration can be included in the sale other than cash.
  • 5. The sale must be an arms-length transaction between unrelated parties.
  • 6. The sale must be of the exact domain name(s) appraised.

Frequently Asked Questions

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