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Choosing The Right Domain Name

By: Gabe Meierotto

Looking for your next domain name purchase? Do some research first! Here are some great tips and tools to look for your next domain name.

  • Determine the popularity of any word or term

    Google Keyword Tool
    A very popular free tool so there may be times when it is inaccessible due to a high volume of users
    Reports on how many times a word/term has been searched for in their system in the previous
    Reports on popular terms that include the word you searched for
    Reports on the amount of traffic the searched word and corresponding extension is receiving
    Google Search Engine
    Returns the number of pages that contains the word you search
    Most useful for product/service nouns, surnames and city names or
    Can be used to determine the most commonly searched words on the Internet
    U.S. Census Bureau
    Can be used to look up how popular a name is in the United States
  • Look for popular usage of acronyms

    Acronym Finder and Google Search Engine
    Provides lists of companies and organizations that use a 3-letter abbreviation to truncate their actual company name
  • Determine popularity of words by advertiser bids
    Shows you a list of the 500 highest priced keywords in their search engine
  • Determine popularity of a word by real world usage
    Look up how many companies are using that word in their company name
    Provides a list of businesses that incorporate the word in their name, complete with their address and phone number if you want to market yourself directly to them
    If you decide to buy based on real world use popularity, you take the chance that one of these companies may come after you when they are ready to buy that domain name
  • Check whether or not a word/term has been taken in major extensions (.com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info)
    Returns an easy-to-read page with the top 13 results
  • Check if a word/term is trademarked

    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    Using TESS, their database, you can search all US patents and trademarks

Product Information

  • Basic Appraisal

    Basic Appraisal

    • 15-factor analysis
    • One industry-expert appraiser
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Appraisal certificate (PDF)
  • Premium Appraisal

    Premium Appraisal

    • 25-factor analysis
    • Comparable sales information
    • Two or more industry-expert appraisers
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Assessment report (PDF)
  • Enterprise Appraisal

    Enterprise Appraisal

    • Comprehensive comparable sales analysis
    • Comparable sales information
    • 30-factor analysis
    • Two or more industry-expert appraisers
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Assessment report (PDF)
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