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Fabulous Domain Parking Review

By: Paul Baumgarthuber

Company Overview is a domain registrar, marketplace and parking company based out of Brisbane, Australia. They are one of the top domain monetization companies in the industry who are active participants within the domain industry by sponsoring conferences such as TRAFFIC.

What services are offered? offers a variety of services ranging from discount domain registrations to a domain marketplace. There is not a fee to sign up, but there is an approval process.

In order to join, potential members must own at least 50 quality domain names. A manual review of the portfolio is conducted before being accepting. Once accepted, here are some of the services available to members:

Discount domain name registrations
Domain discounts Provided for .com, .net, .org, and .info.
Dedicated account executive
The account executive oversees the account and acts as a point of contact.
Domain name tools
Domain tools provide tools to allow users to create domain names based on specified associated keywords and phrases, generate domain names based on combinations of different specified words, and perform bulk WHOIS lookups using their bulk WHOIS tool.
Management Console
The management console allow user to monitor their domain names expiration dates for both domain names registered with as well as other registrars. Within the console users also have the ability to create and change name servers for the domain names registered with, transfer and push domain name between accounts and registrars, set up e-mail forwarding, create user accounts with custom permissions and manage domain names that are for sale through the platform. For domain names that are for sale through the platform users can create custom sales banner text, reject offers below the preset minimum asking price automatically, forward people to their own personal sales system and easily manage pricing through the pricing management system.
Template manager
The template manager allows users to create custom template for landing pages. The manager has 19 different customizable layouts with 25 different color schemes and the ability to upload custom images for the template.
Comparison Reporting
Custom reporting allows users to perform comparisons on different metrics such as unique visitors, total clicks, click through rate, overall earnings or earnings per click.

The interface for the different services is cluttered but is easy to navigate. It offers two different navigation elements for the user on the main page but once a section is chosen, the side navigation element disappears—only leaving the top navigation. This functionality is confusing and cumbersome. Other than the navigation change the interface is straight forward and intuitive.

With all the different features that are offered, does a good job of organizing the information and services. The different domain tools are handy and helpful for finding new registrations and performing research on existing domain names. Also, the ability to set up new users and the ability to limit their access to the account is another nice feature.

The customization of the landing pages they are visually pleasing and functional. The one area that could be improved is the amount of customization that can be performed. Currently it does not measure up to other companies in the industry such as TrafficZ.

Although's customization is not as advanced as other companies, their hands-on service makes up for the shortcoming. Their staff proactively monitors and optimizes the users’ portfolios. They also will manually categorize new domain names at the users' request.

Domain name monetization options's parking platform provides its users with a few different options for monetization.

Basic Fabulous Lander
Using the basic service to display text ads on the parked pages in two ways. The first method is through the fabulous template or user generated custom template. The second is's Premium 5.0 Lander with either their graphic or standard template. The text ads run off of Google's ad network, displaying only Google text ads on the pages. Since uses Google's ad network, the domain names displaying the ads are subject to Google's terms of service. They support the majority of TLDs with one notable exception, .mobi.
Roar advertising network
An independent ad network supplying category specific landing pages. With Roar, gambling categories are allowed. Generally payouts through the Roar network are higher than traditional Google/YSM text ads. With this method the user is held to the terms of service for the network.
Dark Blue affiliate network
uses a pay per sale/lead model. It also allows the user to choose different banners and sizes to be displayed. With this method the user is held by the terms of service for the selected advertiser.

Having three options for generating revenue is a very nice feature. The one down side is that the process of manually selecting advertisers on Dark Blue can be very time consuming but was expected with manual selection. Also the ability to monetize gambling related and adult related domain names is a big plus. This is especially beneficial to people who have gambling/adult domain portfolios.

Most parking platforms prohibit monetization of gambling and adult domain names. Overall's payouts are comparable to the other parking companies.

How does pay users for their income? uses a monthly pay schedule, sending out payments on the 10th of every month. They provide four different payment methods to try and accommodate the different needs of their users. All payments are made in US dollars.

Payment to account
Payment can be made to the user's account, creating a positive balance that can be used towards transfers, purchases or renewals. Payment to the account is the method that is used if the portfolio does not generate more than the $25 minimum for the other payment methods.
Users can have a check mailed to them. The minimum amount required for this method is $25.
Payments can be sent to any active PayPal account. This method also requires a minimum income of $25.
Wire transfer
Payments can be made via wire transfer to a valid bank account. Standard wire transfer fee apply. Minimum income for this method is $1,000.'s payment structure is standard. The methods they supply are comparable to other companies in the industry. Overall they are reliable and prompt with their payouts.

Final thoughts is and has been a leader in the domain industry for many years. Their customer service and available features are some of the best in the industry. Despite falling behind in the ability to customize parking pages, they excel in almost every other area. The customer support is great, available tools are very useful and reporting is abundant and adequate. Couple the tools, customer service and reporting with the additional domain sales features and discount registrations and that makes a great company to both keep and monetize a domain name portfolio.


Product Information

  • Basic Appraisal

    Basic Appraisal

    • 15-factor analysis
    • One industry-expert appraiser
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Appraisal certificate (PDF)
  • Premium Appraisal

    Premium Appraisal

    • 25-factor analysis
    • Comparable sales information
    • Two or more industry-expert appraisers
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Assessment report (PDF)
  • Enterprise Appraisal

    Enterprise Appraisal

    • Comprehensive comparable sales analysis
    • Comparable sales information
    • 30-factor analysis
    • Two or more industry-expert appraisers
    • Completed in 4 Days
    • Automation-free appraisal process
    • Assessment report (PDF)
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